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Change Log Module in Web Manuals

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This guide covers the following:

Change Log Module in Web Manuals

Add a Change Log Module

  1. Open an empty page of a Web Document
  2. Click on the page and select Change Log.
  3. When you apply the Change Log module on the page a settings menu appears. Click on Save to apply the Change Log on the page. 

How to Use the Change Log Module


  • Show changes
    In the module you have the possibility to show all changed pages, only pages with editor comments or only pages with comments that have been marked as important.
  • Show columns
    Select which information to show in the document. Please find examples of this below.
  • Number of lines to show
    Adjust the number according to the quantity of lines you would like to show in the Change Log. 


This is an example of how the Change Log can look.

This illustration of a Change Log above shows the following information:

Shows on which page of the manual changes were made.

Displays the date when the change/comment was made.

Which user made the change.

Displays the comment.

If the module needs to be updated the Update Needed button will be shown.

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