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From Reminder to Revision

From Reminder to Revision

Receiving the reminder

The reminder that is sent to the user should look similar to the following example:

  • This email contains, what document, revision that have been updated. It also states the published date, along with priority.
  • The underlined named document is also a link that will direct the user to the site where document is located.


Clicking on a document from the list in the previous step, will result in redirection the user to the site that contains the document. It could look like the following page below:

  • Enter username and password for a user that have access to the current document.

Accessing the Document

Upon logging in the user will either be directed to the homepage or get redirected to the Update page (as in the example blow). This depends on how the sites’ setup.

  • The information here is similar to the information that were received in email.
  • Clicking on Open under Document will open the document in the Reader.

Note: After you have opened the document it will disappear from the Update page.

Checking out the Document

There are three different checkout options, where checkout by opening the document is the most common. The other options are checking out by clicking a checkout button in the document, and to carry out a quiz inside of the document.

Checkout button

If activated the user must click the button Accept to check out the document.

Quiz check out

If activated the user must carry out a Quiz to check out the document. It may contain a different number of questions, either with single or multiple choices. It may also differ how many answers that needs to be correct for the user to be able to checkout the document (100% correct is default).

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