Web Manuals Customers

“Without Web Manuals, we would still be in the Stone Age.”

– Bromma Air Maintenance, Sweden

About our Customers

At this moment, we have over 300 happy  Web Manuals Customers worldwide. During our Open Innovation workshop at the yearly GO DIGITAL conference, our customers are given a chance to decide the direction of our product development. As a result, we now have a product that is tailored to the entire aviation industry. Air operators, ground service providers, MRO, ATO, helicopter operators, drone operators and more, now use Web Manuals. 

What the Web Manuals Customers say

"Web Manuals makes our lives easier in that we can access all documents we have in all departments, no matter where we are. What encouraged me is the team that Web Manuals has."

– DC Aviation

“It is rare that a software company is so close to their customers. Web Manuals relation is nice and reactive and efficient.“

– Let’s Fly

"In the past we had many problems with our revision process. Our editors only made one revision per year. With Web Manuals they now make quarterly or even monthly revisions, which makes our documentation much more reliable."

– Private Wings

Web Manuals Customer Stories

More in-depth case studies and interviews with our customers and other stakeholders.

Icelandair Boeing 757 plane

A Web Manuals Customer: Icelandair

“By sharing their vast operational expertise, it’s helped us to create the best document management solution available to small and midsize airlines.”

Some of the Web Manuals Customers

We have customers in every section and corner within the aviation industry – they now do several revisions a year.

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